CryptoCoyns is a Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency community platform designed to provide multiple opportunities to grow your wealth.

We exist to help our members grow their wealth


Learn to Day Trade using our Day Trading Method

Automate your Day Trading with a Trading robot and the free CryptoCoyns Day Trading Method Settings

Learn how to earn Bitcoin daily and grow your wealth


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You control your own security settings on the exchanges.

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We are committed to delivering the best user experience possible. We exist to help our members grow their wealth. It’s not just us, our community is full of helpful people ready to answer any question you may have.

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Access your online wallets and exchange accounts, anytime, anywhere. Always available allowing you to access your funds 24/7.

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You are always in full control of your own exchange accounts, choose what’s right for you. You can review and adjust your preferences at any time.

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You can trade any of the world’s top cryptocurrencies via your exchange accounts.

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In addition to your web browser, mobile applications for iOS and Android make it even easier to access your funds on the go.

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Your exchange accounts are instantly available via your web browser.

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Store your coins in your secure online wallet accessible anytime via your web browser or mobile device.

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No one likes surprises so we only charge fair market prices for our products and services. There are no account, set-up or cancellation fees. The only fees we do pass on are those we don’t control like Network or Mining fees and any such fees will be disclosed to you at the time of the transaction.

We help you grow your wealth

CryptoCoyns is a Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency community platform designed to provide multiple opportunities to grow your wealth.


CryptoCoyns is a true Peer to Peer, decentralised community driven environment. We are a community of like-minded individuals who, like you, are disenfranchised with the instability of the global financial system and are seeking to grow our wealth through alternative strategies like cryptocurrency. In doing so our members aim to gain their freedom from the 9 to 5 grind through passive income that enables them to fully fund their lifestyles.


CryptoCoyn Invest with confidence in a community driven, decentralized cryptocurrency designed to grow your wealth. We are about to conduct our initial coin offering (ICO). You can apply to be put onto the whitelist to get notified as soon as we launch and secure your place in the queue. We will also conduct a pre-sale where bonuses will be offered based on volume purchased and date of entry. After our initial coin offering (ICO), we plan to expand and register with a number of the more popular Public Exchanges where CryptoCoyn will be listed. Once we are listed with the exchanges you will be able to buy and sell CryptoCoyns.

CryptoCoyns Day Trading Method

CryptoCoyns owner has been day trading for over two years and has developed his own proprietary Day Trading method that he now teaches others to use. We have now completely automated this Day Trading Method using an easy to use commercial trading robot, making it even easier to get into day trading. CryptoCoyns owner shares his Day Trading Method settings for this trading robot free of charge for personal use only. The bot allows you to buy, sell and trade Bitcoin and alternative cryptocurrencies on a number of exchanges. You can purchase a copy of the automated trading bot from this site and then download the free settings we provide for it to start your automated day trading.

¢Once launched CryptoCoyns will be able to be traded for Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies at public exchanges.

†Network and mining fees may also apply, we do not have any control over these rates and they are just passed through directly and are likely to change based on market conditions.